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Rip Off Process Server Report

Los Angeles California
March 2017

Once again, another call from a
of the


The conversation starts with "Are you Registered &
Bonded ?"



My response was "Yes ! and I am also a State Licensed Private Investigator"



She said, "The last guy I used said the same thing "



I said, "I can send you verification of my Bonding and County Registration"



She said, "I paid this process server $40 and I got nothing !"



I wanted to say " Are you an idiot ?, Do you not have any common sense..?"



Instead I explained how several times a week I receive calls
from people that have been ripped off and duped by
these scam artists offering a low price !

The story is always the same... they searched the internet and found them by best price,
ALL had forgotten to read the additional information given...
such as the


process server los angeles ca

Don't you remember what Grandma said...?

If it sounds too good to be true... it's 2017, not 1987 !


Don't waste your time and money !

Hire a Professional with over
30 years Experience !

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09/21/2017 - Here's a few recent reviews of another process server..

Bob Aiken
3 reviews

★ 6 months ago
Richard McMillan, you little devil!! You set up a new website for your deceitful business. Please say it ain't so... Are you still trying to scam honest people? Come on....

Hopefully you are reading this BEFORE getting scammed, harassed, and threatened by Richard McMillan. Richard is a sociopath. He seems pleasant enough when you first call him, but then when you start asking questions or for copies of the paperwork that he served, he turns into a lunatic. I mean this guy's a real nut job, like beyond sick, seriously certifiable. He totally wigs out and goes on a tirade that has no end. He will lie, threaten you, intimidate you, and bully you. He is a sick sick man who requires serious medication and professional help.

I drove to his office address, but there is no one there, he has no real office, just an address where he gets mail. The company is just him, no one else at all.

If you want to know who you are really dealing with, simply search "Richard McMillan ripoff report" on the internet. If you need more proof positive that this guy and his sham companies are awful, look up one of his predecessor companies, Process Server Service in Los Angeles on Yelp.

When you read over 50 former customers reviews that detail how horrifying their experiences were, it's no coincidence. Richard McMillan is just an awful person, and hopefully you will never have to deal with him. If you did, I am sorry for you.

Jasmyne Smith
5 reviews

★ a month ago
He's a liar, through and through. I was told my documents were served and I requested Proof of Service. I didn't obtain proof of service until a month later, only to find out my documents had only been served a week ago, more than 1 month AFTER I was told they had been served. Numerous emails, phone calls and voicemails with zero response. STAY AWAY!
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Aleen Smith
5 reviews・2 photos

★ 3 months ago
I read some reviews on another website and it said it was a great service. Now I'm reading the Yelp reviews (over 55 of them) and I see that he has done the same thing to multiple people. He changes the name of his company all the time.
I stopped payment on the check because the job was not completed. He never did serve my uncle. He lied and said after he served him he will call or send a email. He didn't do any of that. I called 6 times that night no answer. I sent over emails no response. Richard McMillian has to be stopped.
I've already reported him and the claims department company ( PLS Customer Financial Solutions
800 Jorie Blvd. 2nd Floor
Oak Brook, Illinois 60523 Kendrick Williams) that gave him cash for that stopped check to the police department.

Tabitha Hicks
2 reviews

★ 6 months ago

I used to work for Richard and this company. I regret every minute of it. I constantly had to lie to our customers and cover for his abusive behavior and all the scams he pulled on everyone.

We often didn't really properly serve the paperwork, he would force me to lie about it even when we never went to the address in the first place.

I heard him threaten customers who complained and know that he posted fake reviews on various websites if someone posted a negative review about us.

We had a scam where we told you one price, but then added charges the closer we got to the deadline knowing that you were stuck.

I feel awful for all of the things that we did and I am trying to turn my life around. I hope Richard follows me on this path.



L.A. County Process Servers Department
2 reviews

★★★★★ 6 months ago
THE BEST COMPANY AROUND. No doubt I can get papers served within hours of calling this company. I would use them again and again.


McMillans Foreclosures
2 reviews

★★★★★ 6 months ago
Great pricing for unlawful detainer services. I bounced around with little success from other people. But Tabitha was very helpful in not only getting my papers served fast, but they were served right and they even found the person home. Thank you Tabitha for an outstanding professional job!

Derek Yellin
1 review

★ 4 months ago
Totally unprofessional, unreliable, hostile and rude.

Only after being victimized did I do my research, that was my mistake. Search Process Servers Service in Los Angeles on Yelp, 53 reviews and 1 star... Need I say more?

By the way, the owner's bond has multiple claims in excess of the policy limit.


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Claire Bosusta
3 reviews

★ 6 months ago
Warning, I urge you to avoid doing business with this disgusting person Richard McMillan and his company LACPSD/$34.99 Dollar Messenger. Richard is not a well man. He is mentally ill and is in need of major psychological counseling.

He is a bully and enjoys being in a position where he can abuse his victims. You (the unwitting client) hire him to perform routine process service. After a week or so, you call for an update, and that's when the abusive hell ensues. He extorts you for more money if you want the papers filed, he charges you for copies of paperwork that you are legally entitled to, and then when you complain, he flies off the handle. HE GOES COMPLETELY BONKERS.

I know that this may be hard to believe, and if I were you, I would think that I am probably exaggerating, but Richard has been doing this for years and GETTING AWAY WITH IT. All you need to do is search his name on Google. He has multiple ripoff reports filed against him, and Yelp has over 50 horrific and comprehensive one-star reviews. The Yelp reviews are under Process Server Service.

If you want a good laugh, read the 5 star reviews. Talk about FAKE NEWS, they're as bogus they come. Richard isn't that bright, he loves using the name DinK... Oh, and McMillans Foreclosure... Really? There's no such company! All the positive reviews are so clearly false.

Richard has found himself a job that allows him to be in a legitimate business where his victims come to him. He obviously gets a charge out of harassing his customers, but he is such a horrible human being that his victims speak up, write reviews, file complaints, and sue.

Tanna Ramos
1 review

★ 4 months ago
If there were zero stars, I would put zero. This company would not send us the citation return until they received payment, it's been two weeks and we still do not have our return. We were billed twice for two different amounts and you can almost never get anyone to answer the phone. After working in a law office for almost 15 years, this is by FAR the most unprofessional process serving company I have EVER dealt with.

Blacker Berries
2 reviews

★ 6 months ago
I wish I could give negative stars. Vendor lied about completing service several times and when was questioned about the details of service, the vendor became angry, unprofessional, canceled service, and hung up in my face. I have reported this service to the county government. Very unprofessional.

Joshua Jordan
1 review

★ a year ago
HORRIBLE!!!! HORRIBLE!!! STAY VERY FAR AWAY FROM THIS CROOK!!! Same as everyone else with this crook. He fails to serve my paperwork, then threatens me with a small claims suit, which doesn't even make sense because you can't sue for services that were never rendered.

Check Yelp before using this guy. He's got a horrible rating on there too. The good reviews on here are FAKE!!! Probably created by Richard himself. What REAL reviewer posts advertisement sounding reviews? The good reviews sound like canned ads!! Richard do you think you're smarter than everyone on earth? You're clearly not!!

He also tells me that he's going to file a "declaration with the court concerning your unreasonableness in order to have your case hard for u to win and possibly denied." This guy is not only a criminal thief, but an idiot as well. He thinks he can scare me lmao!!! And scare me with things that don't even make sense!!! I should have known something was up when Jules Winnfield from Pulp Fiction showed up at my house to pick up my documents. I also should've known by the address... it's in the dead of the hood. I acted too quickly because of the urgency of my matter, and the pressure I was under. Should have went with my gut.


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C. Swain
1 review

★ a year ago
BEWARE!! Richard (or "Rob") McMillan charged me $80 to serve papers and claimed her served the other party and sent proof of service to the court. When I told him the court never received the proof of service and they said he would send them again. We then called him and made arrangements to pick up the proof of service from his office, but found his office does not exist. It is doubtful he ever served the party and therefore had no proof of service to give. A true SCAM! Do not trust anything he says and certainly to do not pay him any money.

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Craig Fleishman
1 review

★ 2 years ago
Vendor blatantly lied about completing service in order to accept payment. Vendor never provided any confirmation of service and refused to respond to repeated requests for update or documentation.





08/04/2017 - Once again another story of a "Rip Off Process Server"... This call starts with, "Are you registered?", I said, "Yes, we are registered, bonded and also State Licensed Private Investigators". The Lady asked, "How can I check to see if your registered and Bonded?". I told her there is only one way to verify if someone is actually registered and bonded for Process Service, you must ask to see their credentials in person, there is no online source for checking registrations. She said,
"THIS IS A BIG PROBLEM!". I agreed and explained that it is easy to check my license status, I told her that if she was to visit the Bureau of Security & Investigative Services website (BSIS), Private Investigator St.Lic.# PI16819


08/03/2017 - Another call regarding an unlicensed Private Investigator/Process Server, the man said he hired a process server because his ad claimed to be a licensed investigator... License was delinquent and not valid, complaint filed with unlicensed activity bureau, it's a crime to provide Investigative services with out a license!


03/02/17 - Another example of why you should hire a State Licensed Professional Detective...
Last week I received a call from a woman named Alicia, she inquired regarding the fees for
service of process in Los Angeles...

Today I receive another call from Alicia, she said she used a process server that charged her $65
but she never got her Proof of Service or even a phone call back, her documents were not served...

I served her papers that same day !!!

Another call claiming to be a victim of  the $40 process server...
A Summons and Complaint that was never served !

This caller was very mad ! He was acting like I was planning to rob him... lots of repeat questions
pertaining to my licenses... It only took a minute before he explained why he was asking all these
questions, he said " I hired this guy off the internet, he never served my papers and now he won't answer his phone !"

I explained that a Process Server is NOT "licensed"...

A Process Server "registers" with the County Clerk and pays a fee every other year...

However, A State Licensed Private Investigator is Licensed by the State and is "exempt" from the need to "register" with the County Clerk for Service of Legal Process...

Regardless of the exemption, many of my Attorney Clients prefer to use a Bonded Server,

I chose to register and bond with the County Clerk.


04/07/15 - Another Pissed-Off customer... she says that she paid $60 to some "clown" and got no Proof of Service, when if fact,
this Defendant was never served until I took the case... two hours after she paid me I provided her with a Proof of Service!




04/26/15 - This case starts off with the client asking me if I am with "XXXXXXXXXXX Process Server", I said NO! I have NO
connection with any other Process Server in California, furthermore, I do not farm out or sell my cases to anyone!, LosAngelesLegalProcessServer.com does ALL the services themselves, ONLY STATE LICENSED DETECTIVES WITH A MINIMUM OF 20 YEARS LICENSED EXPERIENCE ARE EMPLOYED BY US!


05/21/15 - This email begins with questions... "Are you Bonded?", I responded with a Big Yes...!

This man wants to sue the process server that ripped him off, he said that after paying the process server he never heard from him again...

 I asked how did this happen? He said, I found this guy on Craigslist, paid him and called him 50 times but never got an answer!

I told him he could call me every hour for updates... I always answer my phone!


07/13/15 - Another Victim calls... says that she has only 10 days prior to the Court date, I asked why she waited 45 days to call a Detective?,
she said that she hired a process server in Los Angeles that never called her back... I told her about the Rip-Off Process Server Report!
Three hours later, her defendant was served and the Proof of Service was delivered to the Court... Another Happy Client!


09/23/15 - This call begins with the Customer saying she doesn't trust any process servers and she won't pay in advance because she just got ripped off by some process server, I explained that we do not accept any cases with out pre-payment, she wouldn't budge, I wished her good luck... Three weeks later, she calls again... still no service! By 9am the following morning her case was served by ME!


11/22/15 - This one starts with lots of questions pertaining to how long it takes to serve someone... I asked, "Are you expecting a problem",
"is this person evading service?", He says NO, but I already paid some guy $60 to do it but I received nothing...
I served his papers the following day, CASE CLOSED!







THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM DO NOT USE!!!  I was the latest of the people who failed to research this company and was taken for several hundred dollars with absolutely no service performed on my case. I received an email from PASSLAC that my complaint had been served to both defendants. This was not the case, the complaint was never served and i never did receive any proofs. I waisted a month waiting for my defendants to be served.


These guys are frauds. They will take your money, never serve anything and then contact you letting you know they're suing you. Haha. Total joke. Just glad my bank refunded my money after they stole it.

They will also send their terms of service which are a total joke.

Don't get screwed like the 50+ other people who have posted here.

Based on google+, this may be their location 34.07086,-118.293594.






This business is lower than gutter trash, and its owner - Richard McMillan - is one of the most despicable human beings I've ever dealt with. My experience was like everyone else's: hired them, paid them, kept getting the run around, and ultimately, my civil case was vacated because they never served my defendant.

Unfortunately, they took advantage of the wrong one, so this is what I did. First, I filed criminal complaints with the Los Angeles District Attorney and the California Attorney General, for stealing my money, filing a falsified court document and taking my payment under false and fraudulent pretenses. Second, I took copies of those complaints to my bank, where I disputed the charge and had an agent contact Mr. McMillan's banking institution to inform them that he and his account were the subject of criminal investigations. Third, I filed civil complaints with the BBB and the State's Consumer Protection Agency. Finally, I told Mr. McMillan that it was my intention to bring the wrath of God down on him and everyone that he's associated with until I got my money back. 

He wrote me back and said, among other things: "kiss my [bleep]...[bleep] you and [bleep] your whole family...you're a dumb [bleep] [bleep]" - and other vile, hateful, nasty things. He went on to say that he's homeless and that he doesn't have an office, the latter part of which is true, since the address on their website, according to Google Maps, belongs to a check cashing business. Everyone here should also know that Mr. Robert McMillan is the full name of the man you need to go after, and since he's such a manipulative scammer that he can't help himself, I'm certain that the slightest hint of another con will lure him out of the shadows.

This man is beneath the scum of the earth, and I am going to bring the full force of the legal system down on him. And he also thinks that using this fraudulent mailing address will keep him from being found, but to anyone who's having a hard time finding him, I urge you to file a civil case against him, and then, issue a subpoena to to the service provider associated with his phone number, to obtain the real address listed under it. Otherwise, if anyone would like to help me bring down this piece of crap and wipe every trace of this sleazebag business of the face of the earth, I welcome you to contact me :)

DO NOT USE.  DO NOT USE.  DO NOT USE.  Under no circumstance should you ever use this company!!!

They quoted me $40.00 to serve my documents (even though the name of their company is $34.99 process serving).

Fine, I agreed to the $40 fee.  I ask them 4 times to send over an invoice. They never do.  They charge my credit card $55.00 instead of the $40 we agree to.  When I call them about the mistake they scream profanities at me and tell me one way or another "I will pay". 

I immediately stop the payment on the credit card and when they find out I did so they threaten in writing to sue me for $1,500. 

This company is a scam.  They never intend on doing any work.  They steel your money and then use scare tactics to get you to pay. 


I have forwarded all of this information on to my lawyer and anyone that wants to help put these crooks out of business please contact me through yelp.

Thank you.

Here is the link to file a complaint with the district attorney.  I have done so and would hope others will as well. 


i hired them to do a same day job to file and serve documents and paid over $84.00 for a rush job. i tried to call them to see if it had been done and could not get in touch with anyone. it has been over a week now and i have tried calling at least a hundred times and no one answers the phone or responds to emails. they took my money and did nothing!!!!!!!!!! i think i am going to get a class action lawsuit against these scam artists. i wish i had read the reviews before paying them.
the process server also threatened to kill my neighbors dog for no reason. total creeps. bad bad people who should be stopped from business!


richard mc millan ripoff

One of the biggest nightmare experiences of my life. First of all, I never received my proof of service that I paid for.

Second? The guy they hired to serve the other party threatened to shoot her animal and cussed at her. All this guy had to do was drop a folder at the doorstep, but he proceeded to engage in a verbal confrontation and threaten violence. Oh, yeah. Who does this place hire? Felons? He could have just left, but he chose to be a bully.

I called, and was told they'd get to the bottom of it. That was it. Not a single call was returned since. I got one email back from a woman (obviously not a real person) that disclaimed any responsibility. Then? Nothing. They said I'd get my proof of service emailed. Never came. The woman in the email named a different man than the one who picked up my documents.

There's also the bait and switch with the pricing. It says $34.99, but because it's was a certain kind of document, they wanted $50.00. Why does that matter? It's really none of their business, nor do other companies make this distinction, unless it's business vs personal.

I feel cheated. There's no proof they are bonded and liscensed as they claim. You might as well hire someone on the street, give them the address, and some cash. You'd have about the same results. Likely better. Hell, I think that's what I'll do next time.

I've rarely felt so taken advantage of, and had someone jeopardize my court case, on top of it. This was brought up in court, and guess how the case turned out? Instead of arguing my case, I ended up defending my ignorance to hire these people for most my time in front of the judge...it's really one guy with a cell phone, isn't it?

This company and the people (or person) behind it should not be allowed to continue in this business. This little industry should be regulated.

By the way? I've literally sent over twelve emails and seven phone calls trying to gain my proof of service, and gained zero responses, so I don't feel bad spreading the word about them. Pay more. It's worth it. Don't be fooled by the Burbank address.

Hired them a couple weeks ago to serve small claims papers, I mailed them the paperwork and a check for $35. Was told they would serve the papers the day they arrived in the mail and then contact me with confirmation & send in the docs to the court. They cashed my check & I never got a call with a confirmation & have been calling to get in touch with no success. So I came upon the YELP reviews and kicked myself, wishing I would've checked them out first.  After reading these reviews its' alarming they're still able to get away with this.
I felt obligated to help others by WARNING them to stay clear!


If there was an option for NO STARS - that is exactly what I would give this piece of shit, scamming, non answering, bogus "firm" more like crooked as hell group of losers. Nobody calls you back or picks up the phone. The main number is a CELL PHONE?!?? With a voicemail that is not setup (because these people know how full of shit they are and don't want to hear their customers raging messages).
Good one, Richard. Super quick to take the money and then can't follow up at all??
Grey way of conducting your business there. Obviously I'm not the first person fucked over by these idiots.
What a joke. Wish I would have seen these yelp reviews sooner and saved soooo much time and money along with my personal well being and health.

3499 messenger service is an absolute waste of time.  Keep in mind that when an individual seeks the service of a messenger and/or process server, it's with the desire to comply with the law in ensuring that individuals/entities are properly noticed in a matter.  These are the most assertive/aggressive people, initially, however, they operate without any degree of integrity.  For example, you complete their online form and you may be contacted the same day depending on the time that you reach out to them.  They [DM} appear diligent in obtaining and confirming the submitted information.  They will tell you that the document has been served and/or delivered but they misrepresent (lie) about when service takes place.  I was told by 2 - 3 different DM representatives that the document was served and DM proceeded to obtain payment from me which was very difficult for me to get to them.  (I wanted to make the payment using my VISA but they wanted a check.)  Upon DM's request, I arranged a time (Saturday at noon) to pick up the POS at a local law enforcement agency which they said was a good location to meet.  I arrived 5 minutes early and they never showed up.  However, DM called me 30 minutes after the time that we were to meet to let me know that they would be delayed by another hour.  I received another call an hour later stating that they would be delayed another 2 hours (3pm) and on this call they told me that they were experiencing a flat tire but that the service was completed.  Fast forward to a week later, I received an email (which I still have) and one of their representative Tabi*** Hic** stating that I sent to them an email in call caps which said - When WILL I RECEIVE THE SIGNED POS??  I received from DM the following message below:

Your service is canceled due to spaming our email using all capsvand large type... No pos will be sent. You have violated the terms and conditions.
Additional, no payment has been taken from you. All payments were not processed. Please do not say we took a payment out your account. We have not. If you have any reason its because of your unreasonableness.
Good day
Thank you for using PSSLAC for your process serving needs.
Get all future serves at only $30/defendant. Just show this email.

* * *

I am posting this for everyone's view because DM misrepresented their ability to perform a service and DM requested funds from me (which they called me continuously saying that they were having difficulty seeing the routing numbers on my check which I remitted payment 3 times to assist their system(s) in deciphering the numbers they needed to process payment).  However, had DM met me at the time/place they requested AND had they been honest in about actually performing the service, then I would have been "reasonable".  For me, time is money and DM converted (or stole) money from me by wasting my time in awaiting their completion of service (1 to 2 weeks).  Also, I have kept the email trails for anyone wanting to read "how unreasonable" I truly was in this transaction.  What a massive waste of time.  There are so many other process of service businesses that are willing to do what they say and say what they truly can do. 
Good luck but don't expect any good luck with DM. 

DM:  Please don't even attempt to play the Yelp game by posting a "victim message" explaining your behavior, I gave you 2 weeks and every opportunity for you to provide and complete your service, you're just not capable.



best process server in los angeles ca



Completely unprofessional scam artists. The guy that showed up to scam me reeked of marijuana and was wearing a hoodie and crocks. Had a bad feeling from there. After I paid the agreed upon price they lied to me continuously for weeks saying they had already served the papers, until one day I get another message saying it was served. Then they demanded another $40 to actually give me the proof I already paid for! Back and forth with the messages and threats. They would tell me I could pick it up, they would deliver it, blah blah blah, and in between they would tell me I was rude and I wasn't getting my papers at all. When all was finally done, and they got their scam switch and bait money, they continued with the harassment and to this day still threaten to have "big guys" do "bad things" to me. Also that they will get me, destroy my property, etc. LOSERS

This guy Todd Slavak...or Richard McMillian...should really give up doing business....they have ONE STAR....how sad...yet they keep at it....

I was just threatened by him that he was going to serve me and sue me.....so I'm not calling him a crook...I will let them 20 other YELP reviews call him that...which they do.....once again he is not a crook according to my review

However people do not lie....one star is all they have.......So we had DICK (Richard) try and serve some papers for us....we had an address we got that he claims they could not find it....incompetent right there...and HERE is the kicker....he TOLD US THREE WEEKS LATER with a letter that he could not find the address....can you believe that!?!?!  RUN FROM THESE GUYS as fast as you can....his name is DICK...very fitting

...and then DICK threatened to bash my name online to my business which he never even dealt with me before on my business....that is not who you want serving your papers believe me......he left us some made up negative reviews on our business.....poor guy has it in for people....can't man up to running a legit business...all he needed to do was call me that day he served and said Vince I cannot find the address.....no he waited to send me the information that he could not find the address 3 weeks later.....but he took my money anyway....once again he is not a crook....I repeat not a crook.....other people think that on his 1 star rating YELP review.......since the papers were never served.....although he claimed it was that day three weeks ago....we had to re-schedule a court date....LOSERS....

I also got ripped off by these assholes. They take your money, don't do the job, hang up when you call them.

My story is similar to all the others - paid them, they lied and said they would not process my payment 'til the job was done.  But they had cashed the check within 3 days.  They did not do the work, & finally dismissed me as a customer.  I'd be interested in any lawsuits.  My email address is susaneleanor22@gmail.com.

I paid this guy to serve a lady i was suing in small claims court! Most unprofessional guy I ever met! Came to court acting like a weirdo on drugs!!! When the judge asked him if he served the lady he said he tossed the docs at her feet and walked away!!! The judge said that's NOT how you serve documents!!! SMH!!! Stay away stay away!!!! Just a waste of time and money!!

Just awful.   Rude,  ineffective,  and lazy.   Yikes!

9/14/2013  Updated review
This is my update...aside from lying about serving the court papers I paid for them to serve, double charging my credit card, and either not answering or hanging up when I called....This criminally negligent company has blasted me on everything they could find online with blatant defamatory statements about me (That I'm a whore and a liar, etc) specifically mentioning this negative yelp review. I have documented all the proof I need to sue them...this message will remain up until they remove their posts or stay up indefinitely and ill see them in court. If only they spent the time it took to defame everyone that speaks out against them and actually served the court papers that they charge everyone to do but don't. They have tons of bad reviews on yelp with the same story. They need to be put out of business.

8/29/2012  Previous review I had to sue someone and needed the papers served to a private PO Box company (because it was… Read more
Richard is totally unprofessional, bully and a crook. As soon as he receives the money he will not answer the phone, no matter how many time you tried.
He lied to me that he served the paper, but can provided proof.I checked with the court and confirmed my finding.
Never hire this guy.
How can I get my money back? Anyone help?

These people are real jerks!  They didn't do what i paid them to do and then they don't respond. DO NOT USE THEM EVER!